I have trained with Gabby both in person and through her online training camp. At 3 months postpartum, her online training program was a perfect fit for me as a new, working mom. The videos were personalized and focused on my goals, while being easy to follow and a good work out at the same time. It really helped improve my fitness and jump start my postpartum fitness journey. Gabby is an amazing, professional and dedicated trainer, and I wouldn't choose anyone else.
-Kala Avarelo


Gabby's training videos are so convenient when I need to get a workout in at home. I can follow her video during a lunch break or in the evenings. She kicks my butt every time but that's why she is so great because it gets the results I am looking for. I am stronger, can endure more, and she keeps me going back for more!

- Danielle Allen

Gabby is a very caring, compassionate trainer who had a genuine interest in my physical and mental health right from the start.  After listening to my concerns, she personally tailored each of my workouts around my needs and body image issues.  Any time I have a question or concern about my physical growth, she gives me her professional opinions and if necessary, researches and networks to address the issues or to offer alternatives to keep me moving forward and improving my quality of life.  Gabby clearly goes above and beyond for her clients.  I have enjoyed working with Gabby as she expects my best at every single session.She pushes me to my full potential and then coaxes me to give more helping me to reach levels I never knew I had.  I leave every single workout session knowing that I am getting stronger and more fit.  It’s a great feeling knowing that I have done my best and used every ounce of my strength and endurance and to see the improvement each time.  Through Gabby’s training, I have learned to love myself again and like what I see in myself.  Thanks Gabby, for pushing me through hard times, not letting me give up on myself and sticking by me through my self improvement journey – and, most of all, caring about me! I look forward to the future and only getting better.

She is like pure energy and motivation packed in one. I realized how absolutely strong I could be with her training. Her encouragement, drive and expertise pushed me to lose 2x the inches and build more muscle in a shorter period of time. The best by far, and be prepared to work – best value I have ever received.

- Regina Elkins

Gabby is an excellent trainer after just one work out I couldn’t feel my body and couldn’t walk for a day. She pushes and motivates you at the same time. Would definitely recommend anyone who is trying to lose weight or gain muscle!

- Jay Leija

There is absolutely nothing she can’t help you achieve. If you’re really serious about improving your health and wellness, or want to ease your way into a healthier lifestyle, Gabby’s training is the best way to start. You won’t find anyone else out there with her level of commitment to guide you toward your goals and I say this from years of experience!

- Martha Estrada

I am so lucky to have you as Kristopher’s trainer. You inspire him every day to be better and continue pushing him to beyond his own limits. We have seen such a huge improvement on and off the soccer field. You know exactly what he needs and each month we continue to see growth. Thank you for being so awesome and caring! You don’t find this type of training anywhere. You’re awesome!

- Dora M.

It has been an eye-opening experience for Ryan. I don't think he has ever worked so hard and not realize it. It has everything to do with you. Your attention to detail and exacting standards are virtues I hope he takes with him going forward in life.  You have mastered the art of discipline while also being personable and professional. I am grateful that you are my son's trainer. He is walking taller these days.

- Dexter Harris, Proud Father 

Let me tell you when you seek out motivation especially for something heavily look over such as exercise and living the healthy life style we all want, Gabby is your girl! Our weekly sessions have encouraged a positive mindset in my everyday life such as school, fitness, and work. The passion she portrays for what she does inspires me to continue to work hard to reach my own fitness goals. When I first met Gabby I was nervous but soon after the encouragement she shared with me during our first session was ready to take the leap. I highly recommend this amazing gal! Thank you Gabby!

- Alexis R.